About Red Press Publishing

Great ideas can change the world.

We help leaders in the social justice sector turn their great ideas into beautiful books. Founded in 2016, we are a small, independent publishing house based in England.

Red Press

What drives us:

Challenging the status quo in an unjust world

About Red Press Publishing

What delights us:

Working at the intersection of language and social justice

About Red Press Publishing

What defines us:

Our author-centred approach to publishing

We are a small team of nerdy superheroes

Katherine Knotts

Katherine Knotts (Founder)

Katherine (MSc Economic History, London School of Economics) has put her pen to good use in the social justice space for over 15 years as a writer and editor for a range of NGOs, social businesses, and impact investors. She also coaches other authors in the social justice space who need thought-partnership throughout the book-writing process. She is the co-author of The Business of Doing Good (Practical Action, 2015), an unrepentant grammar pedant, and her favourite smell is that of new pencils.

Chiara Bullen (Media Coordinator)

Chiara is mad for the written word. She has an MA in English Lit from the University of Glasgow, and a MLitt in Publishing from the University of Stirling. She maintains her own book blog, and is an editor for the Scottish Book Trust’s What’s Your Story? magazine. She honed her social media and design skills as the online editor for Qmunicate, a magazine that has gained well-deserved notoriety for tackling social injustice issues. She’s equally happy debating the nuances of intersectional feminism as she is beating you at Mario Kart. She takes pride in owning a famous internet cat, and for having scored tickets to see Hamilton.

Chiara Bullen

Red Press: What's in a name?

Red: the colour of magnanimity; fortitude; fortune.

Of revolution, of anarchy.

Of passion, anger, and love. Of courage, and of change.

The colour red has a rich and resonant history
in human culture.

Red Press is about ideas that change the world.

About Red Press Publishing