About us

Great ideas can change the world.

We are a small, independent and values-led publishing house. We love books, and we want to change the conversation around thorny issues in society. 

What drives us: Challenging the status quo in an unjust world.
What delights us: Working at the intersection of language and social justice.
What defines us: Our author-centred approach to publishing.

Who we are

Katherine Knotts

Katherine E. Knotts, Editorial

Katherine (MSc Economic History, London School of Economics) has been a writer and editor in the social justice space for 25 years. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and favours lengthy discussions on the aesthetics of punctuation. She has a special interest in intersectional feminism, de-growth economics, transformative systems change, the politics of bodies, and queer identity. She is an unrepentant grammar pedant and her favourite smell is that of new pencils. 

Olivia Griffith, Marketing & Publicity

Olivia (MSc Applied Linguistics, University of Oxford) is a writer, artist, and radical thinker from East London. She is the founder and editor of Breadfruit – a literary magazine that showcases the work of women and non-binary people who identify as part of the global majority. Olivia has a deep interest in (non)reality, existence, Blackness, womanhood, and nature, and her favourite sensation is that of floating in the sea.

Olivia Griffith
Gwennan Holt

Gwennan Holt, Publishing Fellow

Gwennan (BA History, University of East Anglia) is an autistic editor and writer with a love of history, romcoms and kitschy earrings. She's drawn to stories of the everyday, biographies of women who have been consistently misunderstood by historians, and romances that are intersectional and inclusive (favourites include "The Kiss Quotient" and "Act Your Age, Eve Brown", both of which centre autism in their narratives).