She Found it at the Movies


She Found it at the Movies

Because Timothee Chalamet’s eyes gleam with the light of a thousand suns. Because you’d let Zoë Kravitz get away with putting gum in your hair. And because there really should be a national monument dedicated to Gene Kelly’s ass.

From the tongue-in-cheek to the righteously enraged,She Found it at the Moviesexplores women’s secret desires, teen crushes, and one-sided movie star love affairs, flipping the switch on a century of cinema’s male-gaze domination. With misogyny and sexism still taking centre stage in the real world -- what can women’s relationships with movies tell us about the wider landscape of sexuality, politics and culture?

Featuring writers you know and love from Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and Vulture, these essays pose thoughtful questions about the politics of desire. Like a guilt-free chat with your smartest girlfriends, this book is a positive celebration of female sexuality at its thirstiest.


Christina Newland

Christina Newland is an award-winning journalist with bylines at Sight & Sound MagazineLittle White LiesVICEHazlittThe Ringer, and others. She has written on a variety of subjects, including culture, fashion, history, and sport, but is best known as a film critic and writer with specialist knowledge of American film history. In her writing, she has shown a consistent interest boxing and the boxing film. 

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